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I promised to do my best to help reach out with this knowledge.


I make my videos to teach this knowledge.

The main focus is for you to reconnect with yourself. That's the key to life, to everything.

You will hear me talk much about "Laws and principles" that exists in the universe. They are important, they operate in your life and development. It's not proper to say they 'rule' over everything, they don't 'rule', they are inherent. They make all of life go around.

There exist a trauma in your subconscious. It was created when you experienced the "Fall".  It was a very important event. In my video "The Original Relationship" I explain your original state, your original relationship, and what happened in the Fall and the consequences of the Fall. That Fall and what took place then, and the consequences of it is the main reason to why you suppressed the knowledge of who you are.

In this I wish to help you.


I welcome any suggestions on topics and details you'd like to hear more about, or be more properly explained.

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