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Know Thyself

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The more you learn about yourself, the more you learn about life.

The more you learn about life, the more you learn about yourself.  

In the video "What is Your Life's Purpose?" I talk about how your purpose in life is the same as your self fulfillment.

I know that so many people only want "answers". But it is impossible to have knowledge of anything outside yourself. If you want answers, real answers, you first have to take yourself through whatever it is that is blocking all the answers for you.

When you develop yourself, you come to know yourself and you will have all the answers. Because once you can see through the clouds and overcome the darkness, you automatically see the answers.

For me, death is not a mystery, because I remain awake going from life to life. You won't experience any death once you are awake in yourself.

Therefore, all your pursuits for answers need to be simultaneous with your own personal development and self fulfillment. And as a bonus, you'll find your happiness along the same path. An everlasting happiness that can't be taken from you, and that is auspiciously independent everything that is going on around you. 

-If you wonder what to do with your life

-If you want to know what is going on in the world, and what

the purpose of everything is

-If you want to be stronger

-If you want to be happier

- If you want to come closer to love

-If you want the honest truth the answer is:

Know Yourself, Become Yourself

The Life principle can be compared to a flower. If you imagine you are born as a seed. The seed has within itself all potential, including all the inner knowledge for how it should grow and gradually bring forth that which was only potential within it, all the way till it becomes a flower; the manifestation of itself. It is the same for man.

Yet, you will not bring forth your potential before you encounter a challenge in your life that forces you to do so, or compels you to do so. Look at any Hero saga. Who is the main character? You look at the Hero, but without the villain our Hero would have remained a mundane man. He never would have showed his courage or showed anyone what he could have been.

Life is not meant to be easy. By purpose and design you will be presented with challenges and hinders that force you to go inside and use your inner resources to move forward.

In this way you continue, till you are self realized. The seed has gotten itself through its carefully planed obstacle course which purpose was to bring forth your potential to manifestation.

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