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On Light and Darkness

There is much focus on the question "Who controls the world?". In the spiritual community there is a large focus on that question.

In my video "Who Controls the World" I mention some of the most popular theories on this question. 


But to understand what is going on in the world we need to comprehend 3 forces operating in the human nature. These are "Clarity, darkness and passion".

Darkness is opposite to Clarity. But coming from Light we willingly enter darkness in order to develop ourselves. Darkness represents what we so far has not learned, what we do not yet know. And so we live in 'darkness'.

When we know that we are Light, we take it upon ourselves to conquer the darkness we meet, and thereby we learn and develop.

In this video I talk about satanism, Those who forgotten they are Light, and instead of conquering darkness has given in to it. Darkness in itself is nothing but an opposite to Light and life, and as such it will display all such qualities.

I talk about an experience of satanism on Earth that was shown to me, to help me understand what is going on, on Earth. You will hear about a sad story where everyone involved are brought behind the Light.



In the video "Becoming Invincible-By understanding the Law"  I go deeper into the 3 forces "Clarity, Darkness and Passion", and explain how 'truth' can only be found in the state of'clarity'. 

I explain why you leave the harmony state and Light willingly in order to learn, live and develop.

Often life is thought of as a dualism of good and evil. But that statement does not capture the real truth. Life is to live and develop, and only when Light leaves the harmony state, the good, and enter the darkness, the so called evil, to master and conquer it, life develops. 


What drives you on is your will to life and development, and by that you chose the adventures that will bring you forth.

I further explain how the forces of Light does not have the purpose to save you from dangers or problems, because your purpose is not to evade challenges, challenges are as necessary for life as you are. Instead helpers will encourage your strength and belief in yourself, because you must face these challenges to grow.

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