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About me

My journey begins before this life. If you were to ask me from where I came, I would tell you that just like yourself I'm from God, and will return to God when the journey's for this time is over. 

If you asked me from where I came right before I was born into this life, I would tell you about a Ship filled with my closest friends and coworkers that travels around in what you call Space, travelling from planet to planet. wherever we can be of help, 

I would tell you of places that I call Home, but that is not on Earth.

I would let you know that nothing ever dies. That you are part of a larger whole, forever loved and recognized in everything that you go through.

Like you, I've chosen to come here. At the same time that I was asked if I'd like to come down to Earth, a calling went out to everyone who was interested to come to Earth and aid in the very unique process that Earth were to go through. The calling went out in this universe and universes beyond. 


Most missions are about fixing one thing or another that needs some support. Most missions are not like this mission or of this size.

 In my video "My Story - Coming to Earth" I talk about my experience of coming down to Earth. My surprise when I realized I couldn't use my normal resources, when "the body" I was in seemed disabled to do anything. 


I felt a sudden feeling of hopelessness without any resources to help and change anything. 

Why was it that nothing worked here?  Why couldn't I come and go as I wished? Why was there no welcome reception once we arrived? With what did they need our help?






One of the things that made this mission so special was that it wasn't the habitats of the planet that had asked for help, they could no longer consciously ask for help, they were disconnected from God, and thereby everything.

I was shocked and wondered "My God! How many of them has lost connection to God?!" And they showed me - Everyone.

So no, this is not an ordinary mission. I quickly then realized why there was no welcome reception upon arriving,  why there didn't exist any "travel center" that connected with all other places. It was like entering a theater when the show was over, lights out and everything was deserted.


If you are not connected to God, which is your self, you are disconnected from everything.

Not every mission is a spiritual mission with the quest of "finding yourself", but this is.

The people who comes here to help, is not any resource packed squad team. We come to remind our brothers and sisters that they are precisely this, sons and daughters of God.

Whether you think of Buddha, or Jesus, or the numerous beings who came here to help, their focus is the same: to make you remember who you are, to remind you of the Law, to help you to wake up to who you are.

Perhaps I will remember this mission as the 'memory loss mission'. Because there is no outer enemy to defeat, only shadows caused by the illusion experienced in the disconnection from Self.

If you are reading this text, then I will assume you actually came here, and then I will congratulate you for your great Courage. Because if you were not both brave and strong, you would not have come here.

It is my wish to share any knowledge that I have that can be of help to you. The purpose of it all is to help you remember who you are, and to help you face what is preventing you to remember.

You will find me talking about universal laws and principles, events  in your past you have forgotten, and what will happen to you as you go through this process.

Welcome to Light at the Center!


You can come in contact with me here!

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