Big Flower Meditations


The purpose of the Big Flower Meditations is to integrate and synchronize the energies for everyone who is engaged with helping Earth right now. This includes everyone who came to help on Earth and everyone working from above Earth.

It is not so much a meditation, as it is a meeting. Everyone meets up at a place in space called "Big Flower", named after its shape. When the request for this meeting came to me I was shown this big flower that opened up in space. In the middle was a big round stone square, and the petals around the center made it look like a big arena.

The purpose of this meeting hall is that everyone will be able to connect to it, no matter where we are in physical location. We call it "meditation", because you go inside to reach this meeting place in space.

Every Wednesday at 7 PM – 7.15 PM (CET) we come together for a joint Meditation/Meeting.

You can join this meditation/meeting from anywhere you are. Sit down somewhere quiet a few minutes before 7pm. Prepare yourself to be in the right energies and feel love. I find the easiest way to open the heart for love is to say: “For the love I feel for this planet, for the love I feel for life….” You can fill in whatever words sounds right to you after “for the love I feel for…”, this will make you feel energies of love. Close your eyes and see yourself travelling to this big meeting place in space. Enter the big square in the middle of the flower; and chose a seat on the floor where you like to sit. Then you take hands with those sitting next to you. It is not of particular importance that you know those who sit next to you; you are all here for the big meeting. There will be a thousand of people sitting on the square holding hands.

As people are showing up to the meeting, are sitting down and taking the hands of those next to them, the ET groups that are involved in this great work of helping Earth right now are joining as well. Each ET group take their place on the flower petals, around the square. As they start coming in with their ships, they too take each other’s hands. We are now all connected.

The Big Flower Meeting Hall gathers both of our energies, and integrates our energies together, and generate our joint energy vortex. A powerful sound echoing and vibrating can be heard as this energy space is created and in place. This energy vortex will uphold our network and the cooperation between everyone working to help Earth.

We hold this energy space for 15 min. During this time it is natural to be in awe of everything around us, and of the great event itself, because you are part of all of this. But please remain receptive and open. During this meeting it is possible you will receive specific individual guidance regarding to your role and what you could do. This will most likely be in regards to the work you came here to do, but information on personal matters can also be transmitted. Everyone who feels a calling to assist Earth at these times, will be connected to at least one of the ET groups attending the meeting.

The joint Meditation/Meetings has two main purposes. One, is to create the joint energy vortex we operate within, and the second one, is to transmit information and instructions. This includes general information as well as individual instructions or guidance regarding to personal matters.

When the meeting is over, you close your eyes where you are in the big Hall and orient yourself back to the physical room you are sitting in, and open your physical eyes.

Wednesday: 7 PM-7.15 PM (CET)